Hello, my name is Elizabeth Hartmann and I am a Psychic Medium & Healer.

I help bring more joy, comfort and happiness into peoples lives.

Thank you for visiting my web site and checking me out to see if I am the right ‘fit’ for you. This is important because working with a Psychic Medium is all about YOU and meeting your needs.

Whether it is:
• Getting clarity on personal matters.
• Receiving reassurance and peace of mind from loved ones who have passed.
• Learning more about yourself and your amazing potential.

While I can help you with all of these. I believe it is important that our ‘intent’ and ‘connection’ be appropriately aligned so I can provide you the best and most helpful experience.
It may be helpful to ask yourself these questions

Do you want to work with:
• An experienced professional with formal, ethical, and accredited training?
• A compassionate and intuitive empath with diverse life experience?
• A person with a positive mind set that embraces life’s opportunities?
• A professional focused on helping YOU discover and unlock insights that will bring you more comfort, joy, and happiness?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions I sincerely believe I can be of help.